You shouldn't have to decide between a quality vehicle and a great deal.

As a savvy consumer, you've done your research, you've searched the web for the best deal, compared models, features, and pricing but are all pre-owned vehicles the same? We would argue; no! Used vehicles have been exposed to the elements, and have wear and tear that are not always visible to the average consumer. How your next vehicle was inspected and then reconditioned is just as important as whether you're getting a good deal.

The dangers of buying a vehicle that has not been properly reconditioned are many:

Brakes, Tires & Batteries

Brakes, Tires & Batteries can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars not to mention put you and your vehicle at risk.

Unforeseen Mechanical Issues

There is always a chance that some problem or issue is brewing under the hood of your next vehicle.

Stains, Smells & Grime

Getting a vehicle that is not clean and smells takes the joy out of buying a new (to you) vehicle.

Don't Settle For Less.

You Deserve A Better Reconditioned Vehicle

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We Spend $800 On Average Per Vehicle To Get It Ready For You.

That's $800 dollars you don't have to spend fixing your vehicles not to mention the time and hassle that comes with bringing your new to you car back into the shop.

Just a few of the things we regularly replace or repair to get your vehicle ready for you.

New Tires


Per Tire

New Brakes


Per Axle

New Batteries


Oil & Fluid Changes




Scratches & Dents 


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